TIM CAMERON'S 1400 HORSEPOWER ROCK BOUNCER Posted on 29 Jan 21:42 , 0 comments

Tim Cameron built a new race machine for 2018 and it is one awesome machine. The new Bouncer is named STAND BACK and it features an all Aluminum Big Block that is making around 1400 Horsepower on 116 Race Fuel. We were fortunate enough to get the first look at it and it still needs dyno tuned before he can take it out and test everything. The Big Block is mated to a PTC Powerglide transmission and is hooked up to a SCS Transfercase. High Angle Drive shafts put power to the custom built TORQ 3rd members and RCV axles make the Interco Tires spin.
We can't wait to watch Tim Cameron race this rig as we are sure it is going to be one awesome machine.