STR8UP SxS Bounty Hill Action at Hawk Pride Offroad Posted on 20 Mar 20:25 , 0 comments


STR8UP SxS Series kicked off the 2017 season at Hawk Pride Offroad Park. The Pro bounty class had two nasty hills to battle it out on. Only 5 people were able to make it up the first hill and one of them broke. Out of the 4 people who were able to try the 2nd hill only one guy made it. Wesley Gatlin walked away the winner in his custom built Pruitts Turbo RZR buggy. 

FULL THROTTLE WIDE OPEN HILL KILLING ACTION Posted on 17 Mar 22:14 , 0 comments


This first hill of the Southern Rock Race at Stony Lonesome Offroad Park was Awesome. This Hill called Who's Your Daddy has become extremely tough and gave these drivers all they wanted. 

Tim Cameron Busting another INSANE CLIMB Posted on 14 Mar 18:44 , 0 comments

ScrewDriver at Stony Lonesome had been tried by several but the hill had never been climbed. Well Tim Cameron got his shot at the Southern Rock Race and was the first person to make it to the top. Tim Cameron finished in 3rd place for the day as he was one of only 3 people to make it up this nasty hill.