8 Year Old Cash LeCroy WINS Southern Rock Racing SxS Competition Posted on 18 Mar 23:45 , 0 comments

The Youngest driver in the Southern Rock Racing History to win a SxS Race. Cash LeCroy may only be 8 years old but he drives like a pro. Cash won the Southern Rock Racing SxS competition at Stony Lonesome Offroad Park. 

FULL THROTTLE WIDE OPEN HILL KILLING ACTION Posted on 17 Mar 22:14 , 0 comments


This first hill of the Southern Rock Race at Stony Lonesome Offroad Park was Awesome. This Hill called Who's Your Daddy has become extremely tough and gave these drivers all they wanted. 

The UnClimbable Hill Gets Defeated Posted on 15 Mar 18:30 , 0 comments

ScrewDriver the unclimbable hill was finally climbed at the Southern Rock Race. Lots of people have tried their best to climb it but they all failed. Finally 3 drivers were able to make it to the top. Tim Cameron, Brandon Davis and Clayton Hollingsworh were all able to make it out the top of this insane hill.

OUTLAW THE INSANE IFS/IRS SuperCharged Rock Bouncer Posted on 13 Mar 21:31 , 1 comment

Clayton Hollingsworth has built one of the most talked about Rock Bouncers around. This custom built machine features IFS front Suspension and IRS rear Suspension with rear steering.  It also has a Supercharged LS engine but what really sets it off are the Massive rear tractor tires and the fact that the engine sits right beside him.  

SCREAMIN BLUE IS AWESOME Posted on 1 Jul 09:30 , 0 comments

Screamin Blue is one of the most famous Rock Bouncers ever built. Driver Bobby Tanner was Always Fully Committed when he strapped him self in and made a run at a hill or obstacle. This has to be one of the toughest buggies to ever be built. 

SOUTHERN ROCK RACING HIGHLIGHTS PART 2 Posted on 29 Jun 21:36 , 0 comments