The "BANDIT" 2017 Turbo RZR Rock Bouncer Posted on 28 Mar 15:50 , 0 comments


Derek Hensley has one of the nicest RZR Bouncers we have seen. This RZR Bouncer was built by Justin Frasure at RZR SHARP CUSTOMS. It started life as a brand new 2017 Polaris TURBO RZR. They ditched the stock frame and built this custom chassis. The buggy still uses the factory 2017 Turbo Engine, Transmission, Driveshafts, differentials and he still even has the stock axle shafts.
Derek is a fan of Smokey and the Bandit so he themed the build after the famous TransAm.
This was Dereks first time racing his machine and he did awesome, we are sure once he gets some more seat time he will be hard to beat.

ONE AWESOME MEGA TRUCK with MEGA HORSEPOWER Posted on 27 Mar 21:44 , 0 comments

Barry Thompson has one of the baddest built Mega Trucks around. When he launches this truck off the line it shakes the ground.
This was the first event that American Rebel mud Park has had. This is a cool park that has lots of potential.

4 WIDE UTV KNOCKOUT RACING IS AWESOME Posted on 26 Mar 18:53 , 1 comment


Pro UTV Racing is known for pushing the limits and this is exactly what they did at their latest race. The introduced 4 wide KnockOut Racing where 4 UTVs lined up at the same time and fastest to the top was the winner and moved on to the next round. This style of racing provided for some awesome racing and was extremely action packed. Justin Frasure the owner of RZR Sharp Customs was the overall winner.

4 WIDE KNOCKOUT RACING IS INSANE Posted on 25 Mar 23:36 , 0 comments

Pro Rock Racing pushed the envelope again and did 4 wide Rock Bouncer Racing. KnockOut Racing is some of the wildest racing you will see and normally it's done with just two buggies. This was the first time that they have ever lined up 4 buggies at one time and it was Awesome. The action was insane and their was lots of carnage. At the end of the day Clayton Hollingsworth in the Outlaw buggy walked away the winner and James Cantrell got second with Travis Lovett finishing up in 3rd place.
This event was at American Rebel Offroad Park in Waynesboro TN. This is a brand new park that is around 600 acres and has lots of potential.
Big shout out to the Pro Rock Racing staff and volunteers for all the hard work.

FULL THROTTLE CABLE HILL ASSAULTS Posted on 22 Mar 19:09 , 0 comments

Cable Hill is one of the most famous hills in Rock Bouncing. Nothing compares to watching these guys hit this wet slippery hill as fast as they can. Some make it look easy and others destroy their buggies trying. Sit back and enjoy the show I promise you won't be disappointed. 

WORLDS LOUDEST TAHOE Posted on 21 Mar 20:47 , 0 comments

Jonathon Price has one Insane System in his Chevrolet Tahoe. Words can't describe how loud this thing really is in person. You can hear it from miles away and it will take your breath. 

$1000 BEATER CHEROKEES ARE AWESOME Posted on 21 Mar 20:37 , 0 comments

Who could have guessed you could have this much fun with a Jeep Cherokee that cost 1000 Dollars. Charlie had a blast at Morris Mountain in his Jeep Cherokee. 

CUSTOM BUILT IFS/IRS ULTRA-4 RACE CAR Posted on 21 Mar 20:18 , 0 comments

Joe Thompson is known for thinking outside of the box and thats exactly what he did on his latest build. This Custom built Ultra-4 Racecar features a one off rear suspension and monster RCV Axle shafts. The speed this thing is capable of running is truly impressive. 

STR8UP SxS Bounty Hill Action at Hawk Pride Offroad Posted on 20 Mar 20:25 , 0 comments


STR8UP SxS Series kicked off the 2017 season at Hawk Pride Offroad Park. The Pro bounty class had two nasty hills to battle it out on. Only 5 people were able to make it up the first hill and one of them broke. Out of the 4 people who were able to try the 2nd hill only one guy made it. Wesley Gatlin walked away the winner in his custom built Pruitts Turbo RZR buggy. 

8 Year Old Cash LeCroy WINS Southern Rock Racing SxS Competition Posted on 18 Mar 23:45 , 0 comments

The Youngest driver in the Southern Rock Racing History to win a SxS Race. Cash LeCroy may only be 8 years old but he drives like a pro. Cash won the Southern Rock Racing SxS competition at Stony Lonesome Offroad Park.