UTV RACING AT DIRT NASTY OFFROAD PARK Posted on 21 May 21:39 , 0 comments

The Dirty Turtle Bust the Shell series made its latest stop at Dirt Nasty Offroad park. They picked out an awesome course that provided plenty of challenges for the drivers. At the end of the day Jamie Coldiron was the winner with Wes Kean taking 2nd place and Brandon Davis taking 3rd place.


The Dirty Turtle Bust the Shell series held its latest race at Dirt Nasty Offroad Park. This is a great park that has done a lot of work to make some awesome climbs. With around 25 racers it was a great day and at the end Tim Cameron was the Winner, with Wes Kean taking 2nd place and Clayton Hollingsworth taking 3rd place.

LUCAS OIL PRO SLED PULLING Posted on 17 May 22:07 , 0 comments

The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling league came to Memphis International dragway. These trucks and tractors are amazing to watch pull the sled. Some of the big tractors have 3 and 4 engines and one even had 3 Jet engines. This is definitely something worth checking out if it ever comes to your town!

TIM CAMERON WINS IN HELL BENT Posted on 17 May 21:29 , 0 comments

Tim Cameron broke out his brand new rock bouncer at Dirt Nasty Offroad park for the Bust The Shell Series. This was the first race for Tim Cameron driving his new buggy. TC ended up winning the event with a smoking fast run. We can't wait to see how he does the rest of the year in the awesome machine.

ROCK BOUNCERS TEARING IT UP AT RUSH OFFROAD PARK Posted on 15 May 21:41 , 0 comments

1,000 HORSEPOWER MUD TRUCK WALKS ON WATER Posted on 15 May 21:34 , 0 comments

Lil' MadRam11 Crashes his YAMAHA PW 50 Posted on 15 May 21:32 , 0 comments





Some of you have seen the video of my son riding his 24 volt power wheels atv. However in the last year we have gotten him riding a Yamaha PW 50. He has been riding this bike for a several months, but he keeps getting faster and faster. This past weekend I was racing with him on my 1986 Honda 70 ATV when he hit a big hole and crashed. Thankfully he was alright it just scared him a little bit. He got back on and continued to ride for a while.

Pro UTV Hill Climbing at Rush Offroad Park Posted on 13 May 10:43 , 0 comments

The Pro Rock Racing Series held a UTV Hill climb at the 2018 Anniversary Bash at Rush Offroad Park . Video does this hill zero justice on how steep it really is. Jay Shaw was the Winner of the event.

MUD TRUCKS WALK ON WATER Posted on 09 May 20:45 , 0 comments

We made a trip over to River Road Mud Park in Sulligent Alabama to check out some of the high horsepower trucks. This track layout provides for some awesome racing and makes for a great show.

HELL BENT Tim Camerons NEWEST BOUNCER Posted on 06 May 21:29 , 0 comments