Pro Rock Racing Series kicked off the 2018 year at Adventure Offroad Park.

The weather conditions weren't the greatest and they didn't get the rock bouncers started until almost 4pm. With the late start they were trying to beat dark and it didn't happen. So only a handful of guys got to run. This video features the guys we were able to capture before the conditions got to bad and they called the race off.

THIS FIAT ROCK CRAWLER IS RAD Posted on 12 Feb 21:12 , 0 comments

2018 King of the Hammers Ultra4 VS Rock Bouncer Shootout Posted on 12 Feb 21:11 , 0 comments

This year for the Rock Bouncer Ultra4 shootout they changed things up a bit. They moved the location from the famous BackDoor to a new hill that was a little easier but still provided great entertainment. Unfortuntaley the dust was pretty bad so the footage isn't the greatest but we did the best we could. Sit back and watch all of the Awesome action that took place.

1st Place: Ryan Webb: 16.48 SRRS
2nd Place: Bobby Tanner: 16.73 SRRS
3rd Place: Jason Gray: 17.39 Ultra4
4th Place: Adam Ringer: 18.93 SRRS
5th Place: Brian Trempe: 19.40 SRRS
6th Place: Justin Haft: 19.64 SRRS
7th Place: Joe Pierce: 19.82 SRRS
8th Place: Cash LeCroy: 20.07 SRRS
9th Place: Chris Kaufman: 20.35 Ultra4
10th Place: Jason Bartram: 20.59 Ultra4

Rock Bouncer Hit a Monster Wall at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park Posted on 30 Jan 21:14 , 0 comments


Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park built this monster wall that stood over 20 feet tall for one of the race hill at the Southern Rock Racing Finals.
This monster hill was intimidating for the drivers and some of them made it look easy while some of them took some wild rides.

2017 Southern Rock Racing Highlights Posted on 30 Jan 21:04 , 0 comments


The 2017 Southern Rock Racing Season was Awesome. Between the UTV Series and the Rock Bouncer series their was tons of action. Check out this non stop action packed video of some of the highlights from the 2017 season.

BOBBY TANNER IS ONE OF A KIND Posted on 30 Jan 21:00 , 0 comments

Bobby Tanner is one of a kind and he always puts on a show for the crowd. Bobby and his buggy Screamin Blue only know one speed and that is wide open. Bobby Tanner is always fully committed and you never know what is going to happen when he hits a race hill. Bobby definitely launched his buggy big in 2017.

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THE EVOLUTION OF TIM CAMERON RACING Posted on 29 Jan 21:52 , 0 comments


Tim Cameron is a house hold name in the world of Rock Bouncing. We met Tim Cameron back in early 2006 and instantly became good friends. Over the last 12 years Tim has built several different buggies and really helped push the sport to new levels. We decided to dig back through some old footage and put together an evolution video of TC and all the different buggies he has had over the years. It’s pretty awesome to see how far the sport of rock bouncing has come in the last decade.

EPIC CRASHES OF 2017 Posted on 29 Jan 21:46 , 0 comments

2017 was an awesome year and provided us with tons of awesome footage. We went back through all of our footage and picked out the best rolls, flips and crashes we could find and put them all in this one action packed video.

TIM CAMERON'S 1400 HORSEPOWER ROCK BOUNCER Posted on 29 Jan 21:42 , 0 comments

Tim Cameron built a new race machine for 2018 and it is one awesome machine. The new Bouncer is named STAND BACK and it features an all Aluminum Big Block that is making around 1400 Horsepower on 116 Race Fuel. We were fortunate enough to get the first look at it and it still needs dyno tuned before he can take it out and test everything. The Big Block is mated to a PTC Powerglide transmission and is hooked up to a SCS Transfercase. High Angle Drive shafts put power to the custom built TORQ 3rd members and RCV axles make the Interco Tires spin.
We can't wait to watch Tim Cameron race this rig as we are sure it is going to be one awesome machine.

OUTLAW THE IFS/IRS MONSTER ROCK BOUNCER Posted on 16 Jan 16:47 , 0 comments


Clayton Hollingsworth stepped outside the box in 2017 and debuted the OutLaw. The OutLaw is a fully independent suspension Rock Bouncer front and rear and features a SuperCharged LS Engine. This monster made short work of a lot of hills this year and won several event. We compiled all of our videos of this beast into one for you guys to enjoy!