LSX 454 POWERED FORD MEGA CRAWLER Posted on 15 Jul 20:54 , 0 comments

4 WHEEL STEER REAR ENGINE BEAST at MOUNTAIN HAVOC 2018 Posted on 13 Jul 22:08 , 0 comments

TURBO'D MONSTER BOUNCER Posted on 10 Jul 19:10 , 0 comments

Brett Harrell took his Turbo'd Monster Bouncer and showed out at the 2018 Mountain Havoc event. Brett has built one heck of a machine and he isn't scared to use the skinny pedal. Brett's bouncer features a Turbo'd 5.3 that spins monster V-tread tires with no problem.

FOSS HOGG IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST Posted on 09 Jul 20:34 , 0 comments

Foss Hogg is one of the wildest machines that was at the 2018 Mountain Havoc event.

BADDEST JEEP WILLYS IN THE WORLD Posted on 09 Jul 20:32 , 0 comments


This Fully Custom built Jeep Willys is one of the coolest we have ever seen. It rides on monster 54" Super Swamper Boggers and has huge 2.5 ton RockWell Axles. This is definitely one cool machine and the owner isn't scared to hammer down on it.

The MONSTERS of Mountain Havoc 2018 Posted on 05 Jul 21:34 , 0 comments

Mountain Havoc is becoming one of the biggest events of the year. The machines in this event are awesome and we decided to highlight a few of them from the event. They pretty much all run huge tractor tires and lots of horsepower!

PUMPJACK BOUNTY HILL CLIMB Posted on 02 Jul 21:09 , 0 comments

The OutLaw Racing Series held a little Bounty Hill action after the main day of racing. Steve Morgan in FrostBite was the winner of the event. 

OUTLAW RACING SERIES RACES HEADS UP Posted on 02 Jul 13:59 , 0 comments

The Outlaw Racing series held its latest race at PumpJack Offroad park . They ran two buggies at a time up a pretty cool hill. This side by side racing made for lots of excitement. At the end of the day Tim Cameron was the Winner with Derek West finishing 2nd and Anthony Yount in 3rd place.

Matt Brinker Crashes his Brand New Bouncer Posted on 27 Jun 21:49 , 0 comments