The "BANDIT" 2017 Turbo RZR Rock Bouncer Posted on 28 Mar 15:50 , 0 comments


Derek Hensley has one of the nicest RZR Bouncers we have seen. This RZR Bouncer was built by Justin Frasure at RZR SHARP CUSTOMS. It started life as a brand new 2017 Polaris TURBO RZR. They ditched the stock frame and built this custom chassis. The buggy still uses the factory 2017 Turbo Engine, Transmission, Driveshafts, differentials and he still even has the stock axle shafts.
Derek is a fan of Smokey and the Bandit so he themed the build after the famous TransAm.
This was Dereks first time racing his machine and he did awesome, we are sure once he gets some more seat time he will be hard to beat.