4 WIDE KNOCKOUT RACING IS INSANE Posted on 25 Mar 23:36 , 1 comment

Pro Rock Racing pushed the envelope again and did 4 wide Rock Bouncer Racing. KnockOut Racing is some of the wildest racing you will see and normally it's done with just two buggies. This was the first time that they have ever lined up 4 buggies at one time and it was Awesome. The action was insane and their was lots of carnage. At the end of the day Clayton Hollingsworth in the Outlaw buggy walked away the winner and James Cantrell got second with Travis Lovett finishing up in 3rd place.
This event was at American Rebel Offroad Park in Waynesboro TN. This is a brand new park that is around 600 acres and has lots of potential.
Big shout out to the Pro Rock Racing staff and volunteers for all the hard work.